LED Trojan FATBOY 17/35 - 300M VIDEO

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Compact and versatile LED torch Trojan FATBOY 17/35 300M VIDEO

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Fatboy VIDEO Torch is made of light and durable POM material. It's compact and reinforced structure does not take up too much space, it also allows you to take it to a depth of 300m. It's great as a main Video light. The flashlight has been frequently tested and used in difficult cave and wreck diving conditions.

Fatboy VIDEO 300m has reinforced walls and additional sealing O-rings.


- power: two operating modes, 36 W - 100%, 17 W - 50%,

- electrical efficiency: 95%, - working time: 60 min - 100%, 120 min - 50%,

- power supply: a new 14.4 package based on the latest 3400 mAh Japanese production cells, (protected from excessive discharging and overloading, the charging socket is watertight, and additionally secured by a screw cap sealed on the face),

Important information !

Due to the difference in average voltage in individual flashlights, not all can be charged with the same charger. FAT BOY, FAT BOY VIDEO, FAT MAN, FLASH EXTREME flashlights have an average voltage of 14.4 V - they can be charged with the same charger.

MINI FAT BOY, MINI FAT BOY VIDEO and FLASH flashlights and FLASH CLASSIC flashlights have an average voltage of 11.1 V - they can be charged with the same charger. - fixing system: rubber with a diameter of 4 mm and a carabiner 90 mm, - switching on: rotary ring, by turning the change of operating mode.

Flashlight designed for underwater use only. 

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Data sheet

582 g with carabiner 90 mm
Light color
cold white
Light source
3 x led
Light angle
90 degree
Operation mode
50% - 100% - OFF
300 meters
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