Mini real - spool

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Mini spool with reel type handle, perfect for small jumps or ship wreck explorations. 

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A mini reel designed for launching buoys and convenient grip on short distances. He owes his innovativeness to the new approach to the role of carabiner. It does not only serve as a mounting but an extension of the handle. Thanks to this, a firm grip and handling with practically one hand is guaranteed with a compact design. Using it will not cause problems for both right-handers and left-handers. The handle is designed in a way that prevents the carabiner from being unhooked.

The blockade prevents further expansion of the line after releasing the buoy. In addition, it is secured against accidental unscrewing. However, the tracking prevents the rope from getting tangled. The mini reel is made of durable delerin and anodized aluminum, which ensures trouble-free use in all conditions. A wound rope with a length of 28 meters allows for safe ascent in emergency situations. This design combines the functionality of the reel with the advantages of a spool.


- small dimensions, firm grip,

- ease of use, practically with one hand,

- fits in the pocket of a dry suit,

- blocking the development of the cable without the use of a carabiner,

- keeping the link tangled up,

- easy winding of the rope,

- made of delrin,


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350 g

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