Thermoconector TROJAN II

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Trojan thermo valve with apex socket, enables powering heating devices in a dry suit and simultaneous use of inflating valve in a dry suit without the need to install an additional valve.

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The TROJAN II thermo valve is made of the best quality stainless steel and delrin materials.

The TROJAN II thermo valve is equipped with an external E / O connector and an internal cable terminated with an integral plug with Trojan products and a BC connector for dry suit inflation.

Ergonomics, reliability, innovative cable protection system from the inner side of the suit makes it one of the better solutions for powering the interior of the dry suit, with the simultaneous function of the adding valve. Mechanism Termo valve Trojan II is made of the highest quality acid resistant steel, while its housing is made of POM. A characteristic feature of the thermostatic valve Trojan II is its very low profile, which significantly affects the minimization of the diver's contour. The valve is designed for installation in suits with a standard Apex valve seat. (however its possible also to connect with other types please contact us)

The angle between the E/O cable and the BC connector has been optimized so that the connection of the electric cable and the LP hose is also easy under water.

The lack of movable elements of the BC connector affects the reliability of our valves, the original American cable with a wet E/O connector with a suitable section of 1.3 mm2 guarantees reliable operation.

Thermo Trojan valve is one of the lowest valves available on the market. The addition button is made of acid-resistant steel which ensures long and reliable operation.

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