Accu Thermo Traveller ON/OFF 12V - 13,6 Ah

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Accu Trojan Traveler ON / OFF, with a battery pack of 13.6 Ah, is an uncompromising and innovative construction, designed especially for travelers. Weight only 1300 g including charger. 

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Accu Trojan Traveller ON / OFF 12.6V with E/O cord is a diving canister is designed to supply heating undersuit, vests, gloves and socks from various manufacturers, including (Santi, Lola, Smart tex). It is an innovative and uncompromising construction. Designed based on many years of experience in wreck, cave and decompression diving. Difficult working conditions for our canisters are not a problem.

Very high rigidity of the canister affects its high resistance to pressure, so we can be sure of trouble-free operation and maintain full tightness, even when diving at very large depths. The lid of the canister was rolled and milled with great care and precision. The equipment was made in Poland, from high quality materials and the best available components.

The whole was designed and made in such a way as to prevent accidental opening of the container under water. Looking closer, we find an LED indicator that signals the ON position of the switch or informs about one of the three operating modes - 50%, 75% or 100% power. Particularly useful for divers using electric heating.

By focusing on minimizing the possibility of failure, the canister is equipped with an automatic safety valve. The unit also does not have a charging socket. For this purpose, we use the E / O plug-in. Thanks to this treatment we will avoid accidental flooding of the accu, if the charging socket proved to be leaky. The E / O cable has so-called wet connector, which gives us the ability to change the configuration of connections depending on the situation occurring underwater. The device can be configured on one or two E / O cables. We use only original cables from USA producer. A convenient accessory is the Y connector. Easy to use, it has holes to thread the hip belt, without the need for an additional buckle. The set also includes the most advanced chargers available on the European market.

The battery is available in full range when it comes to the capacity of packages offered on the market.


Data sheet

Canister hight
260 mm
Canister width
77 mm
1250 g
Operation mode
100%-75%-50% /-OFF
150 m
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